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This outfitter will cater to both Archery and Rifle elk hunts. These archery hunts are very action packed. majority of archery hunters have multiple encounter with multiple bulls each day. we locate a lot of bulls bugling in the dark timber, or spot their herds in open parks and aspens. Outfitter will help hunters work to maneuver through the satellite bulls and cows trying to get a shot at the herd bull.(easier said than done). Rifle hunts are later in the fall when majority of the bulls are done rutting. A lot of the bulls pull back up to higher elevation and bachelor back up. This makes for a fun hunt on horseback when you can spot a lot of bulls from a distance, and make plan and execute the stalk. These hunts are high success. Outfitter does majority of traveling on horseback. The horseback adventure is worth the trip alone. Once a target bull is located, depending on where he is and the terrain, hunter will either cut some distance off on horses and then go in on foot to finalize the stalk, or take off on foot from there. The outfitter will assist with all the harvest photos you want. This outfitter takes pride in the way we handle and care for your meat, while quartering and packing it back to camp. This cannot be combined with a deer hunt.


  • Species: Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Average Classification: 270 - 300
  • Shot Opportunity: 85
  • Weapons: Rifle, Archery
  • Hunt Catalog #: RB20114-03
  • Tag Availability: Draw
Classification details:

Mature 6 point bulls are targeted for this hunt. This is a general elk are. This hunt takes 4-5 points to draw in the general draw and 2-3 to draw in the special draw.



Option for a non-hunter observer. Price varies if non-hunter will be riding along or staying in camp.

  • Non-hunter (stay in camp) $1,000.00
  • Non-hunter (ride along) $3,500.00
  • 1:1 Hunt

    Option for a 1:1 hunt.

    • 1:1 Hunt $1,000.00
    • Black Bear

      Option to add a Black Bear to the hunt. This is purely opportunistic.

      • Black Bear $2,500.00

      • Available Dates

        September 01, 2022 - October 31, 2023


        • Member Price: $6,500.00
        • Non-Member Price: $7,300.00

        License, tags, and tax not included in the hunt price. *FULL FOR 2022 *LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR 2023

        Group Options

        Option for a non-hunter. Option for a 1:1 hunt. Option to add a black bear.


        Alpine, Wyoming, United States of America

        Refund Policy:

        Deposits are not refundable. When you make a deposit or payment that money is used to reserve your adventure dates and we cannot sell them to anyone else. If for some reason you have to cancel, you will lose your deposit and any payments you have made. If you are concerned that you might get sick or otherwise have to cancel, we suggest buying trip insurance. There are insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance policies for outfitter bookings and hunts. One such company we recommend is globalrescue.com. It is also our policy, depending on the adventure you booked and at our discretion, that if you have to cancel and we are able to book a replacement for you at the regular price we will work with you to apply your deposits to another adventure. Please note that we cannot refund or roll state or government license fees, application fees, draw results, or tags.


        This is a great opportunity to hunt mature bull elk in the wilderness of Wyoming on horseback. The land is rugged and requires endurance for the trip up the mountains. As with any big game hunt, the hunter must be in the best shape possible. The opportunity for elk hunting on public lands has been a part of our American Heritage since the inception of public lands in the early 1900s. This Wyoming elk hunt is an opportunity to see for yourself the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming. Elk hunting areas south of Jackson hole near Daniel, covering unit 90, Unit 92 and Unit 94. While the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish Department manages hunting and fishing opportunities, the public lands of the Bridger-Teton National Forest are the favored hunting grounds of many Americans. When you are archery or rifle hunting, this outfitter will provide the following: pack your game back to your vehicle at camp, meals, 1 full-time guide for up to 2 hunters, unless a 1x1 hunt is booked prior to hunt. Horses for transportation, and uses of all facilities. Hunter will arrive to camp the afternoon of the day prior to your hunt. Hunter will depart from camp the morning after the last day of the elk hunt. This is a 2:1 hunt fully guided 5 day hunt with option to upgrade to a 1:1 hunt. Option for a non-hunter or to add additional species. Bear may be killed on a trophy fee (purely opportunistic) and wolves may be taken without a fee.

        HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

        • Lodging & Accommodations: Wall Tent

          Lodging & Accommodations Scale

          5 - Cabin/Lodge

          4 - Bunk House/Trailer

          3 - Wall Tent

          2 - Backpack Tent

          1 - Client Provided/Hotel

        Lodging consist of wall tent, with cots and pads and wood burning stoves. we have hot running water and shower house. Lodging provided will either be from a wall tent or from a cabin on the property depending on where the target bull is located.

        • Menu & Food: Field Kitchen

          Menu & Food Scale

          5 - 5 Star Catered

          4 - Full Kitchen

          3 - Field Kitchen

          2 - Backpack Food

          1 - Client Provided

        Outfitter provided meals will be field kitchen. Hot meals will be served as homestyle cooking-meat and potatoes.

        • Physical Conditions: Heavy Hiking

          Physical Conditions Scale:

          5 - All Vehicle Access

          4 - Light Hiking

          3 - Moderate Hiking

          2 - Heavy Hiking

          1 - Extreme Back Country

        More physically fit will provide better shot opportunity. While this is a horseback hunt, hunters must be prepared for rough country in pursuit of mature bulls in the high country. This hunt will demand both physical and mental strength. As a Wyoming elk hunting outfitter it is an all-time favorite to guide elk hunters that are serious in seeking the quality game our area has to offer. The land is rugged and requires endurance for the trip up the mountains. As with any big game hunt with this outfitter, they ask you to be in the best shape possible.

        Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

        We will provide transportation to and from the Jackson Hole Airport. you must arrive to camp the afternoon before your scheduled hunt date, and will depart the morning after your scheduled hunt dates.


        • Lodging & Accommodations
        • Menu & Food
        • Physical Conditions


        Outfitter will provide transportation to and from the Jackson Hole Airport. Hunter must arrive to camp the afternoon before the scheduled hunt date, and will depart the morning after your scheduled hunt dates. The outfitter will provide all meals and lodging. Lodging consist of wall tent, with cots and pads and wood burning stoves. Camp will have hot running water and shower house. Outfitter will provide all livestock, tack and livestock equipment. Your guide will be responsible for taking care of your meat and packing it off the mountain. (butchering and meat processing is responsibility of the licensed hunter. Caping off the skull and hanging of meat and antlers is your guides responsibility. Full gear list to be provided if requested when booked.

        What Outfitter Provides

        • Airport Pick up/Drop Off
        • Lodging
        • Meals
        • Expert Guide Service
        • Horses, tack & saddle

        What to Bring

        • Moderate to cold weather hunting clothing-layering system recommended
        • Game Bags
        • Day Pack
        • Sleeping Bag
        • Binoculars & Rangefinder
        • Durable and Comfortable Hiking Boots
        • Rifle with 40 rounds of ammunition or Bow with extra assorted parts (e.g, string, clips, etc.) with 2 Dozen Hunting Arrows
        • Thermal Base Layers

        Recommended Items


        • What Outfitter Provides
        • What to Bring



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