5 Day Semi-Guided Rifle or Muzzleloader Hunt
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Located in the rolling hills near Pawnee Oklahoma, our semi-guided deer hunts make for the prefect hunting experience. They have stands, minerals, and deer feeders set up year-round for those who want to just show up and hunt. If you would like to set up your own stand, rather than using one of theirs, they are able to assist with that also. Trail cameras are out for most of the year and will share those with you, as they manage their properties for trophy deer. Meals and lodging are not included; however, there is a nice hotel in Pawnee, located less than 20 minutes from all of their properties. There are several restaurants in Pawnee, including Click's Steak House, which they highly recommend going to at least once during your stay. The hunt Includes: one buck, one doe, and hogs. Lastly, if interested, an Oklahoma Rifle and Muzzleloader hunting license for non-residents is $300. Outfitter prefers group sizes of 4-6, but more can be accommodated for if needed.


  • Species: Whitetail Deer
  • Average Classification: 120 - 160
  • Shot Opportunity: 70
  • Weapons: Muzzleloader, Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: RBGODO-0003
  • Tag Availability: Over The Counter
Classification details:

Our deer will average between 120" & 160" B&C with the possibility of deer going over 180"

Weapons description:

Oklahoma Muzzleloader Season run from Oct. 24th-Nov. 1st
Oklahoma Rifle Season is Nov. 21st-Dec. 6th



Options to add a doe to the hunt

  • Doe $500.00
  • Additional day of hunting

    Option to add an additional day of hunting. Price is per day.

    • Additional Day of Hunting (Price per day) $150.00

    • Available Dates

      November 01, 2020 - December 31, 2020


      • Member Price: $2,500.00
      • Non-Member Price: $2,800.00

      Group Options

      Options to add an additional buck. Options to shoot up to 3 does with a trophy fee. Options to add an additional day of hunting.


      Pawnee, Oklahoma, United States of America

      Refund Policy:

      Deposit 80% refundable 1 year prior to hunt date. 40% refundable 6 months prior to hunt date. No refunds under 6 months of the hunt date.


      Upon arrival to the Pawnee area, outfitter suggests checking into your hotel first. Outfitter will meet you there or at the ranch headquarters, whichever you prefer. Afterwards, they will show you the areas they have discussed in prior emails based on aerials and trail cam pics to minimize time and give you the combination for the gates. You will have access to the property so you are able to come and go as you please for the duration of your hunt. They will gladly assist in answering any questions you have about the location you are hunting or help you set up and/ or move your stand, if need be. Once you harvest an animal, they are able to assist with tracking and getting your trophy out with a side x side also.

      HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

      • Lodging & Accommodations: Client Provided/Hotel

        Lodging & Accommodations Scale

        5 - Cabin/Lodge

        4 - Bunk House/Trailer

        3 - Wall Tent

        2 - Backpack Tent

        1 - Client Provided/Hotel

      Pecan Grove Motel is located in Pawnee, less than 20 minutes from the hunt area.

      • Menu & Food: Client Provided

        Menu & Food Scale

        5 - 5 Star Catered

        4 - Full Kitchen

        3 - Field Kitchen

        2 - Backpack Food

        1 - Client Provided

      There are several restaurants in Pawnee to choose from. They highly recommend trying Click's Steakhouse at least once during your stay.

      • Physical Conditions: All Vehicle Access

        Physical Conditions Scale:

        5 - All Vehicle Access

        4 - Light Hiking

        3 - Moderate Hiking

        2 - Heavy Hiking

        1 - Extreme Back Country

      More information regarding physical conditions are available upon request from your Personal Concierge Adventure Specialist.

      Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

      Client Provided


      • Lodging & Accommodations
      • Menu & Food
      • Physical Conditions


      This is a Semi-Guided hunt. They recommend hunters bring everything they will need to hunt. They do have several stand setups that are ready for use. Aerial photos and trail cam pics will be provided before you arive if you desire to hang your own stand. During your hunt they will be glad to assist you in hanging your own stands and tracking and removal of harvested game.

      What Outfitter Provides

      • Stands

      What to Bring

      • Cool Weather Layering System
      • Weapon
      • Ammunition
      • Rain Suit
      • Waterproof Boots

      Recommended Items


      • What Outfitter Provides
      • What to Bring



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