SportEAR XT2 Electronic Shooting ear muffs
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SportEAR XT2 Electronic Shooting ear muffs help you hear the range officer commands, or game sounds by amplifying low volume sounds. The amplifiers in the ear cups automatically shut off when any dangerously loud sound arrives at the ear cup, providing a full NRR 25 noise protection against impulse noises such as gunfire, as well as protecting against continuous sounds above 85dB. Each ear cup features an independent directional microphone, allowing you to hear in full stereo that lets you know from which direction sound is coming.

  • Product Catalog #: RBXT2


    The fully adjustable headband fits small to large adults and the padding on the headband and ear cups make the SportEAR XT2 comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

    Powered by two AA batteries, the XT2 will run for up to 200 hours before the batteries need to be changed.

    Ear cups feature independent electronics and volume controls so you can adjust the XT2 to compensate for the differences in your hearing for each ear.

    SportEAR XT2 Electronic Shooting ear muffs Features and Benefits:

    NRR 25 hearing protection.
    Low profile, sculpted ear cups for minimal interference when shooting rifles or shotguns.
    Electronics amplify low sounds and the amplifiers automatically shut down in the presence of dangerously loud noise giving you the ability to hear low sounds and automatic noise protection just when you need it.
    Each ear cup contains independent circuitry and volume controls that let you adjust for differences in your hearing in each ear.
    Each ear cup has an independent directional microphone, giving you true stereo sound so you can tell where sound is coming from.
    Nicely padded fully adjustable headband and soft ear pads for all day comfort.
    Powered by two AAA batteries (included), for up to 200 hours of use.
    Proudly Made in the USA.


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