Scorpion Magnum 30 Caliber Suppressor
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DIAMETER:1-1/2"LENGTH:9"THREAD:5/8"-24 Standard, Others OptionalDECIBEL REDUCTION:34dB+ *
MATERIALS:SSSSSTTTTWEIGHT:26 oz.20.9 oz14.9 oz.PRICE:$550$675$950
SSS = Stainless steel core and cap, stainless steel tube
SST = Stainless steel core and cap, titanium tube
TTT = Titanium core and cap, titanium tubeColors available at no additional cost: Black, Desert Sand, Coyote Tan, OD Green, Desert Sage, Titanium, Stainless Steel+ Plus sign notes that we could not meter the maximum reduction because the magnum rifle tested over 170dB, which is the maximum SPL range of our testing meter. Therefore, 170dB is used as our unsuppressed baseline.* Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-1474D using B&K 2209 SPL meter with B&K 4938 1/4” pressure microphone.

  • Product Catalog #: RBLSM001-01


  • WHY WOULD I NEED A SILENCER? This is by far the most common question asked by the average Joe and is very hard to answer in one sentence because there can be so many potential benefits. I have compiled a list of benefits that I have personally experienced but it probably doesn't cover even half of them. 1. Sound reduction. According to government safety protocols, any sound pressure wave exceeding 140Db will cause permanent hearing damage that cannot be repaired. Generally speaking a firearm will generate between 145db to over 170db including rim-fire calibers. With our suppressors most large calibers are reduced down to 128-136db with subsonic calibers down to as low as 110db which is quieter than a hand clap. 2. Recoil reduction. Especially on magnum caliber rifles this is a huge advantage. In my experience, felt recoil with a suppressor far surpasses felt recoil with a muzzle brake and it gets quieter instead of louder. Customers have claimed their 300win mag or 300 wthrby mag feel like shooting a 223 or at most a 243. Now those customers complain about spending so much on ammunition because it's so much more fun to shoot, and they are firing a lot more rounds. 3. Accuracy increase. Suppressors generally increase accuracy for two main reasons. First, the suppressor holds the gasses back not letting nearly as much turbulent gas pass the bullet when exiting the bore (which is why a good crown on an unsuppressed gun is so important for accuracy). Second, because of the recoil and sound reduction, the shooter is much more capable of holding a steady shot without subconsciously anticipating the large recoil and noise that is coming when he pulls the trigger. 4. Getting multiple shots or multiple animals while hunting. The main noise made by a suppressed high-powered firearm is the sonic boom made by the bullet exceeding the speed of sound. Most people have heard a sonic boom when playing with an Indiana Jones whip as a kid. The snap of a whip is actually the tip of the whip passing the speed of sound and it sounds much like a supersonic bullet in flight. The sonic boom is actually a sound wave that is following the bullet at the speed of sound and bouncing off of objects like the ground or trees or buildings. The actual sound of a sonic boom has no discernible direction, so when your firing at a game animal, the animal itself or other animals around it that hear the sonic boom have no idea which direction or how close the the noise came from. In most cases when firing at 100+ yards, if you wound or miss the animal it will stand there and look around trying to figure out what just happened. In many cases, especially with coyotes, the animal will actually run towards you thinking to escape danger. This phenomenon is especially noticeable when prairie dog hunting. Generally, if a prairie dog doesn't see or hear the bullet impact the dirt, you will usually get another shot.

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