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A solvent trap is a firearm cleaning system. The solvent trap is designed to trap or capture the cleaning solvent so it can be disposed of properly and efficiently. A solvent trap and a suppressor are strikingly similar. The 2 differences being a solvent trap is not bored or drilled through the center and does not have a serial number engraved on the side. Building your own suppressor from a solvent trap is allowed as long as you have an approved Form 1 prior to the changes being made. Making changes to a solvent trap prior to receiving an approved Form 1 from BATFE is a felony. It is exciting to build your own suppressor from a solvent trap using a solvent trap modification kit. Following federal, state and local laws is of the utmost importance.

  • Product Catalog #: RBTI.A-ST


  • Titanium Solvent Traps Come In Tan Only.
  • Available in 4 inch (4oz.) and 5 inch (5 oz.) options.
  • Additional thread options available. Send request to orders@rbohome.com.
  • Hi quality solvent trap designed to collect your volatile cleaning solvents used while cleaning your firearm.
  • Solvent traps can be purchased legally without a Form 1. You cannot, however, modify, alter, or redesign solvent traps into a device for silencing without first filing and receiving an approved Form 1 back from BATFE.

Titanium construction for durability and light weight.


Caliber Options (required)

Available in 5.56MM, 6MM, 6.5MM, 7.62MM (.30 CAL.) and 9MM. 9MM is only available in 4".

  • 5.56MM, 1/2-28 (A-ST.2002, A-ST.2004) $0.00
  • 6MM, 5/8-24 (A-ST.3002, A-ST.3004) $0.00
  • 6.5MM, 5/8-24 (A-ST.4002, A-ST.4004) $0.00
  • 7.62MM / .30CAL, 5/8-24 (A-ST.5002, A-ST.5004) $0.00
  • Length Options (required)

    Titanium Solvent Traps come in 4" and 5" options.

    • 4" Titanium Solvent Traps $0.00
    • 5" Titanium Solvent Traps $28.50

    • Pricing

      • MSRP $650
      • Member Price $617
      • Non-Member Price: $650
      • Shipping: $15


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