Signature Series With Stainless Steel Barrel And Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond Riflescope
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The Best of the West


The Best of the West Signature Series Rifle System is the flagship rifle rolled out in 2012 after years of trial and error and fine tuning components. Based on the Remington 700 action, the Signature Series is available in various calibers, including 6.5 PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag,300 PRC and 375 H&H. These turnkey systems are individually proven accurate to 1,000 yards and will increase your chances of success on that hunt-of-a-lifetime.


Weight: 8.3 lbs.

Length: 48 inches

Barrel: Fluted Stainless Steel w/Cerakote® Finish, 26.5 inches

Action: BOTW Bolt Action w/Jewell Trigger

Stock: BOTW Carbon Fiber w/Cerakote® Finish

Caliber: 6.5 PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 PRC and 375 H&H.

Signature Package Includes:

Rifle properly broken in, seasoned and proven accurate to 1000+ yards.
2 sets of double stack , Custom Rapid Field Ballistic Compensating (RFBC) Turrets.
40 rounds of BOTW Signature Series Ammunition.
Huskemaw Swiss 2 Wind Meter, Sunshade, Scopecoat, Switchview.
TSA Approved Heavy Duty case with custom fit foam.
Atlas Bipod.

  • Product Catalog #: RBSIGBDSB


    The Huskemaw Blue Diamond Series

    5-20x50 Rifle Scope

    The Huskemaw 5-20 Rifle Scope is the most advanced Ballistic Compensating rifle scope available. With technical advancements like the patented True BC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator and our simple yet powerful wind compensating reticle (US Patent 8365455). The 30mm main tube, 50mm objective lens, and side focus parallax correction dial make the 5-20 LR scope an outstanding choice for both varmint hunters and target shooters. It also includes special features for the big game hunter. Ballistic compensation and parallax adjustments are easily made without breaking shooting position, and the 50mm objective lens creates a bright, clear image for high magnification and low light use.

    Long Range Precision
    Our ballistic compensation technology is the first to accurately determine the drag model and ballistic coefficient (BC) for your bullet in your system. The 5-20 is the first rifle scope built specifically to take advantage of a long range hunting situation, and it is the first and only scope with our patent pending windage compensation technology - anyone shooting at extended to long-range distances in hunting conditions, without windage compensation is just guessing.

    Lifetime of Durability
    The Huskemaw rifle scopes come with a lifetime warranty and the heavy duty construction tubes are waterproof and shockproof. Huskemaws are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and durable enough to handle any impacts. Planning a hunt in some of the most extreme conditions? No problem!

    High Image Quality
    Most scope manufacturers hype the light transmission lens coatings, and overall image quality to try to differentiate their high-end products from their low-end offerings. We designed the optical system and the coating specifications to compete with the best, and with the Huskemaw 5-20, you have a scope that compensates for your systems Ballistic Profile, not one reticle that's supposed to fit all trajectories. For each customer, we build a Custom RFBC Turret that precisely compensates for your load's bullet drop and windage.

    Technical Innovation
    Our rifle scope was designed and built by hunters for hunters. Our philosophy dictated a rugged construction of the highest quality, along with real improvements that double the effective range over any competing product. It all adds up as the best rifle scope for long range or precision hunting, backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

    Windage Compensation Technology
    True BC Drop Compensation
    8 MOA HuntSmart® Reticle
    30mm One-Piece Maintube
    Fast Focus Eyepiece
    Full Lifetime Guarantee
    Dual Interlocking Turret Option
    The most versatile and best selling optic in the Huskemaw lineup


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