Leopard Over Hounds Tree & Free Safari
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This is an incredible safari experience that should be on everyone's bucket list! Have the opportunity to chase trophy boar leopards over hounds and get the full "hunt" experience. This is a TRUE FREE RANGE hunt. You will hike and hunt after hounds in the wilderness of Mozambique. This is a 14 day safari. On average you will tree 2-3 leopards. This outfitter works closely with conservation efforts to monitor leopards and get accurate population estimates. While there is no snow on the ground, this experienced outfitter will only release the dogs after fresh tracks are found and unmistakable. Dogs will not be released on cold trails. There are several different conservancies. Some allow for less physically able to hunt, while some are much more challenging physically in the mountains of Mozambique. Excludes International and Domestic flights, pre/post-hotel accommodation, firearm temporary import license, staff gratuities, dip/pack and trophy freight/transport. Participant may also choose to tranquilize or use a biopsy dart and collar a leopard on the Dart Safari. This will be an additional charge and will also be a 10 day safari.


  • Species: Leopard
  • Average Classification: 2 - 3
  • Shot Opportunity: 90
  • Weapon: None
  • Hunt Catalog #: RB18793-02
  • Tag Availability: Over The Counter
Classification details:

On average, 2-3 leopards are treed on the safari. May be captured depending on where cats are located.

Weapons description:



Darted Safari (10 DAY)

Option to have the opportunity for taking biopsy darts and possibly putting a GPS collar on a leopard. Hunters, the active custodians of wildlife and the wilderness they inhabit, have the opportunity to participate in this process more vigorously by effecting a BIOPSY dart hunt or a TRANQUILIZER dart hunt. If a darted safari is chosen, this will be a 10 DAY SAFARI, NOT 14 DAY.

  • Darted Safari (10 DAY) $8,600.00

  • Available Dates

    May 15, 2022 - November 30, 2024


    • Member Price: $9,400.00
    • Non-Member Price: $10,500.00

    *This price is for a 14 day tree and free safari. If dart safari is chosen, there is an additional cost, and it will be a 10 day safari.

    Group Options

    Option for a darted safari. Option for a companion.


    Mozambique, Mozambique

    Refund Policy:

    Deposits are not refundable. When you make a deposit or payment that money is used to reserve your adventure dates and we cannot sell them to anyone else. If for some reason you have to cancel, you will lose your deposit and any payments you have made. If you are concerned that you might get sick or otherwise have to cancel, we suggest buying trip insurance. There are insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance policies for outfitter bookings and hunts. One such company we recommend is globalrescue.com. It is also our policy, depending on the adventure you booked and at our discretion, that if you have to cancel and we are able to book a replacement for you at the regular price we will work with you to apply your deposits to another adventure. Please note that we cannot refund or roll state or government license fees, application fees, draw results, or tags.


    A great opportunity to get the full leopard "hunt" experience without the large sticker price! Excludes International and Domestic flights, pre/post hotel accommodation and staff gratuities. This package caters to the active hunter that is not satisfied with just treeing 1 Leopard. This is a fully guided 14 days of exhilarating tracking, trailing and treeing the elusive solitary leopard. It delivers an experience comparable to the life of a full-time hunting guide. Pure adventure as we stay mobile on the tracks of the cats, bouncing from camp to camp. As many leopard as possible are TREED & FREED over the course of the adventure where memories and photographs replace a physical trophy skin and skull. Supporting scientific data is crucial for the continuance of the sustainable utilization model and modern technology now facilitates the gathering of such by citizen scientists, previously only accessible to studied individuals. This permits landowners, concessionaires and local communities to independently conserve their surrounding wildlife more effectively. Hunters, the active custodians of wildlife and the wilderness they inhabit, have the opportunity to participate in this process more vigorously by effecting a BIOPSY dart hunt or a TRANQUILIZER dart hunt for an additional charge if desired. The model follows the same storyline as a HARVEST hunt except the male or female Leopard is either darted with a Biopsy dart designed to gather a genetic sample, or darted with a Tranquilizer dart effecting the temporary immobilization required for fitment of a GPS tracking collar. The darted hunts are equally as exhilarating as a harvest hunt…without the hefty price tag. If tranzuiling and darting is desired, it is only offered as a 10 day safari. 14 day treed & freed safaris are offered as well.

    HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

    • Lodging & Accommodations: Cabin/Lodge

      Lodging & Accommodations Scale

      5 - Cabin/Lodge

      4 - Bunk House/Trailer

      3 - Wall Tent

      2 - Backpack Tent

      1 - Client Provided/Hotel

    Lodging for this safari will depend on what concession the hunt is booked into and where cats are to be known. Some lodging maybe in mud or stone huts, wall tents, or even backpacking tents. Hunter must be flexible and ready to stay in backpacking type accommodations for the hunt in pursuit of trophy cats.

    • Menu & Food: Full Kitchen

      Menu & Food Scale

      5 - 5 Star Catered

      4 - Full Kitchen

      3 - Field Kitchen

      2 - Backpack Food

      1 - Client Provided

    This is a fully guided hunt and outfitter will supply all meals. Often game animals can be added as an option add on and meat will be cooked for meals. Traditional african meals will be provided. A lot of meat and local vegetables will be served.

    • Physical Conditions: Moderate Hiking

      Physical Conditions Scale:

      5 - All Vehicle Access

      4 - Light Hiking

      3 - Moderate Hiking

      2 - Heavy Hiking

      1 - Extreme Back Country

    There are several concessions where leopards can be hunted. Based on the hunters ability, different areas can be used. This is a spot and stalk, fair chase hunt. In some circumstances bait can be used, but most hunts will be fair chase. Hunter will need to be prepared for moderate hiking after hounds are released. This is not a fenced hunt and the hunter will need to be prepared to hike in the Mozambique river bottoms and jungles in pursuit of hounds.

    Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

    Flights will be booked into Johannesburg, South Africa. A connecting flight will need to be arranged into Beira or Tete, Mozambique. Outfitter will help organize flights appropriate depending on the conservancy that will be hunted. Outfitter will pick up "hunter" after arriving in Mozambique. All field transportation will be provided.


    • Lodging & Accommodations
    • Menu & Food
    • Physical Conditions


    Participant will need to be prepared to be hiking in unfenced wild African wilderness. "Hunts" may take place at night as leopards are much more active. Crepuscular behavior, defined as primarily active during twilight best describes the Leopards heightened periods of activity, although a stricter nocturnal movement is more commonly adopted in areas of greater persecution. This adds to the challenging nature of locating the big cat as sign and scent is often aged by the time daylight permits effective tracking. Weather can be rainy so rain gear is a must. Participant must be prepared for moderate hiking in the dark with durable and comfortable hiking boots with a good flashlight and headlamp. Outfitter will provide lodging and meals and all field transportation for the hunt.

    What Outfitter Provides

    • Lodging & Bedding
    • Hounds
    • Meals
    • Expert Guide Service

    What to Bring

    • Flashlight
    • Headlamp
    • Rain Gear
    • Durable & Comfortable hiking boots
    • Moderate to lightweight clothing-layering system and long pants/sleeves needed
    • Camera with spare batteries

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    • What Outfitter Provides
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