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Looking to hunt coues deer on private property all to yourself but no need for a guide? If so this is the hunt for you! Enjoy up to 7 days on your own ranch with up to 6 of your favorite hunting buddies. Included in these hunts are a bilingual escort to the ranch and at the border checking in rifles with Mexican military. Also all paperwork to import your trophies back into the US pre filled out to ensure worry free travel.


  • Species: Coues Whitetail Deer
  • Average Classification: 90 - 110
  • Shot Opportunity: 90%
  • Weapons: Archery, Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: RB12017-07
  • Tag Availability: Landowner Voucher


DIY Group Options

DIY hunt pricing

  • 1-3 DIY Hunters $2,850.00
  • 4-5 Hunters $2,650.00
  • 6+ Hunters $2,500.00

  • Available Dates

    January 10, 2021 - February 10, 2021


    • Member Price: $3,150.00
    • Non-Member Price: $4,300.00


    Sonora, Mexico, Mexico

    Refund Policy:

    Deposit non refundable after October 1st, 2020. Prior to October 1st, 2020 75% deposit refundable.


    Do-it-yourself Coues deer hunt in Sonora, Mexico. Enjoy a bilingual escort to the ranch to ensure a safe and easy travel to the ranch. Most of the outfitters ranches are within 2-2.5 hours from Tucson, Arizona where we will meet clients and take them through the whole process at the border. Once we arrive at the ranch its all yours, celebrate the exclusivity by glassing for the grey ghost with your favorite hunting partners.

    HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

    • Lodging & Accommodations: Bunk House/Trailer

      Lodging & Accommodations Scale

      5 - Cabin/Lodge

      4 - Bunk House/Trailer

      3 - Wall Tent

      2 - Backpack Tent

      1 - Client Provided/Hotel

    Hunter will stay in rustic lodge during the hunt. All amenities are provided (water, shower, toilet).

    • Menu & Food: Client Provided

      Menu & Food Scale

      5 - 5 Star Catered

      4 - Full Kitchen

      3 - Field Kitchen

      2 - Backpack Food

      1 - Client Provided

    All meals during this hunt are client provided. Option to have a cook for an additional $50 dollars per day. Food cost not included.

    • Physical Conditions: Moderate Hiking

      Physical Conditions Scale:

      5 - All Vehicle Access

      4 - Light Hiking

      3 - Moderate Hiking

      2 - Heavy Hiking

      1 - Extreme Back Country

    Hunter can expect to hike 3-5 miles per day in pursuit of big bucks.

    Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

    Field transportation is provided with a side x side or truck. Option for horses at additional cost.


    • Lodging & Accommodations
    • Menu & Food
    • Physical Conditions


    Light to warm apparel. The weather in these parts varies from 40 degrees into the 70s. Comfortable boots you won't mind walking all day in. Passport is essential.

    What Outfitter Provides

    • Horses (additional cost if desired)
    • Ranch access
    • Lodging-Trailer

    What to Bring

    • Spotting scope
    • Binoculars & Rangefinder
    • Bow with 12 arrows with appropriate broadheads
    • Light to moderate weather hunting clothing-layering systems recommended
    • Comfortable hiking boots
    • Passport

    Recommended Items


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    • What to Bring



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