Montana Powder River Mule Deer Hunt
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Epic Mule Deer in the Powder River Breaks of Southeastern Montana.


  • Species: Mule Deer
  • Average Classification: 165 - 185
  • Shot Opportunity: 95
  • Weapon: Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: Mt-0004
  • Tag Availability: Draw
Classification details:

150,000 private acres

Available Dates

October 19, 2020 - December 01, 2020


  • Member Price: $7,500.00
  • Non-Member Price: $8,000.00

8500 1x1


Powder River, Montana, United States of America

Refund Policy:

Deposit 80% refundable 1 year prior to hunt date. 40% refundable 6 months prior to hunt date. No refunds under 6 months of the hunt date.


This is a great hunt that takes place in the Powder River region. Mule Deer hunting in Montana may be one of the most exhilarating hunts that we offer. Whether you are hunting with archery equipment or a gun, we use a wide variety of tactics to get you close to your trophy. We also will use spot and stalking for archery and gun hunts during the day. Evening hunts, especially archery hunts, have even seen us utilizing whitetail tactics through placement of tree stands near food plots and travel corridors. By far, most professional hunters will tell you that the toughest trophy to collect with archery equipment is a mature "Mulie" buck. Our clients usually experience several stalks per day on P&Y class animals. Our mule deer gun hunts are probably one of our best hunts with most of our clients taking deer in the 20-24 inch range. Our success rate is 100% on this hunt.

HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

  • Lodging & Accommodations: Bunk House

    Lodging & Accommodations Scale

    5 - Cabin/Lodge

    4 - Bunk House

    3 - Trailer

    2 - Wall Tent

    1 - Client Provided

More information regarding lodging and accommodations are available upon request from your Personal Concierge Adventure Specialist.

  • Menu & Food: Field Kitchen

    Menu & Food Scale

    5 - 5 Star Catered

    4 - Full Kitchen

    3 - Field Kitchen

    2 - Backpack Food

    1 - Client Provided

More information regarding the menu and food available upon request from your Personal Concierge Adventure Specialist.

  • Physical Conditions: Moderate Hiking

    Physical Conditions Scale:

    5 - All Vehicle Access

    4 - Light Hiking

    3 - Moderate Hiking

    2 - Heavy Hiking

    1 - Extreme Back Country

Moderate Hiking

Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

You will need to get into the Billings airport. You will rent a car from there to meet the outfitter in Mile City Montana. For a fee airport pickup can be arranged.


  • Lodging & Accommodations
  • Menu & Food
  • Physical Conditions


Western Hunting Rifle gear list. Spot and Stalk hunting tactics will be used. Layering systems are a must. Our Mule Deer pricing includes all meals (we eat very well), 2 x 1 guiding , and lodging. The lodging varies from hunt area to area and we constantly strive to ensure that all of our guests are comfortable.

What Outfitter Provides

List to be provided by outfitter

What to Bring

  • Rifle Guided Western Fall Hunting Gear List Hunting Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope & Sheep ❏ Underwear (1 pair per day) ❏ Base Layer Top and Bottom (2 – 3 pairs per week) *we suggest merino wool ❏ Lightweight Camo Jacket ❏ Windstopper Camo Jacket ❏ Midweight Camo Jacket ❏ Lightweight Camo Vest ❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt (3 – 5 per week) ❏ Lightweight Camo Pants (1-2 pair per week) ❏ Midweight Camo Pants (1 pair per week) ❏ Rain Gear ❏ Blaze Orange (rifle hunts) *check Regulations in the state you are hunting ❏ Lightweight Gloves ❏ Midweight Gloves ❏ Camo Cap ❏ Camo Stocking Cap or Camo Beanie ❏ Camo Headnet ❏ Lightweight Black Shirts (if you are in a blind) ❏ Lightweight Black Jacket (if you are in a blind) ❏ Hunting Boots ❏ Socks (1 pair per day) ❏ Liner Socks (1 pair per day) ❏ Boot Grease ❏ Extra Laces ❏ Camp Shoes ❏ Stalking Shoes ❏ Knee Pads ❏ Antelope Decoy ❏ Ground Blind ❏ Folding Chair ❏ Bow Holder ❏ Day Pack ❏ Water Bottle ❏ Large Backpack ❏ Wind Direction Indicator ❏ Flashlight ❏ Headlamp ❏ Hunting Knife ❏ Multi-Tool ❏ Topo Maps or Mobile Mapping Software ❏ GPS ❏ Scent Elimination Spray ❏ Water Bladder (2L) ❏ Fire Starter Kit ❏ Game Bags ❏ Caping Salt ❏ Dry Bag ❏ Game Cart (DIY) ❏ Binoculars (Quality 8’s or 10’s) ❏ Spotting Scope ❏ Tripod ❏ Rangefinder ❏ Bino Harness ❏ Phone Skope – Mount your phone to your optics ❏ Lens Cloth and Cleaning Equipment ❏ De-fogger Rifle ❏ Rifle (appropriate size for the game you are hunting) ❏ Shells (at least one box) ❏ Scope (with rain cover) ❏ Sling ❏ Shooting Sticks ❏ Soft Rifle Case ❏ Hard Rifle Case ❏ Gun Cleaning Kit

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